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Ohm Meter

Ohm Meter

Product Description

Conforming to IS 5780-1970 the equipment is suitable for checking resistance of circuit. 0-300 Ohms. Ohmmeter is approved by DGMS vide his intrinsically safe certificate No. 28 group 1. Also available in 0-600 Ohm and 0-1000 ohm range.

Intrinsically safe Ohmmeter conforming to IS-5780. 1970 is developed primarily for testing the circuit, either for electrical resistance or for continuity before connecting to the firing apparatus. This intrinsically safe Ohmmeter can also be used for all other form of resistance testing.

Construction: - The meter is housed in elegantly polished teak wood/fiber glass body casing and provided with a leather carrying handle. Two terminals for shot firing cable leads, potentiometer for infinity adjustment and push button switch are conveniently located. A completely balanced and damped moving coil Provides 'dead beat' deflection and steady reading unaffected by the angle at which the instrument is held. The scale is marked 0-300 ohms with open reading between 0.50 Ohms. The tolerance of the Ohmmeter is well within 3 %. Independently accessible battery hold houses a 1.5V dry cell which is the input source.

Infinity Adjustment: - Before carrying out test for resistance the pointer should be set to INF (infinity) by pressing the push button switch and adjusting potentiometer screw. Also available in 0-600 Ohm and 0-1000 Ohm range

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