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Shot firing Cable Drum

Shot Firing Cable Drum

Product Description

The conductor is composed of plain annealed copper wires in compliance with the requirement for Class – 2 conductors as specified in IS: 8130 except that the minimum number of wires will be 7 (Seven) and the wires shall be bunched together to form almost round cross-section. The nominal cross-sectional area of conductor shall be 1 Sq. mm


The insulation will be of PVC compound in compliance with the requirements of Type-A compound as specified in IS-5831 and the insulation will be applied by extrusion so as to make a cross-section of figure-8. Both the cores of the cable will be easily separable without damaging the conductor and the insulation.


The cables will be supplied in 100 Meter Coils.


These cables have been approved by Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS).

Shot firing Cable Drum

Product Description

For optimum care of lead lines (Shot Firing Cable) , and to avoid misfires they should be rolled up every time after use. Cable drums are ideal for this as they save time and prevent entangling of badly coiled lines. Shot firing cable is often subjected to wear and tear due to lack of proper attention because it usually remains in use for a long time and any faults can cause trouble in succession of blasts. To protect the shot firing cable from being twisted and damaged during storage, we have observed that the life can be increased if it is reeled up each time after use. This saves much time that is wasted on detangling badly coiled cables. These CABLE DRUMS are tough and specially made to suit the mining industry. SPECIFICATIONS: Drum Capacity : 200 / 300 Mtrs Dimensions : length 12 " width 10 " height 18. 5 " Weight : 4. 6kgs Shot Firing Cable Drum is also available in larger capacity to suit different requirements.

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